Sayre Schwiering
Founder, Owner + Creative Director, Lead Designer

Sayre is a Vero Beach native with an intense love for her community and a voracious appetite for meeting new people, traveling to faraway places and creating fabulous memories.  She currently has about 9,742 hats on at all times, which is probably why you can never track her down, but good luck keeping up with her if you do.  In addition to being the visionary, owner and creative director for MARKET, Sayre is the lead designer for Sayre + Co. Design which offers interior design services up and down the east-coast, and is also the owner and manager of JDub Inspections.  She has served as the past president of the young ambassadors for Mckee Children’s Garden and served on the board of McKee Botanical Gardens, in addition to being affiliated with the Junior League and Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The combination of her background in corporate sales, intense passion for entertaining and eye for beautiful aesthetics and design made opening a lifestyle boutique a natural fit.  She takes the same approach with MARKET as she does with welcoming people into her home to gather for a meal or throwing a fun party.

 “Cooking is my love language, and man, who doesn’t love a fabulous party?!?  So I try to throw them as much as possible.  There is something very special about making a yummy meal for someone that you care about, opening up your home and creating the perfect evening or brunch to surround it.  I lend that same philosophy to MARKET.  I truly cherish the people in my life and I love celebrating those relationships with good food, good wine, and good music.  We are truly humbled and grateful for every person that graces our doorstep, regardless if they are here to shop. MARKET continues to be an extension of my soul, therefore the vibe I have created is one of inclusion and welcoming happiness just to have you here.  I really want friends, family and clients to walk in and feel as though they just got to some fantastic party and everyone is super excited to see them. How good does that feel????  But it has to be genuine, and it very much is, and I think that resonates, and has contributed to our success, especially being a new kid on the block.  I obviously can’t do this alone, and have been so lucky to have found such amazing team members that genuinely believe in MARKET, take pride in their roles and put a lot of heart into what they do.  So many of our clients pop in just to ‘come to their happy place’ and nothing makes my heart smile more when we hear this. It is really why I created MARKET…to alter the landscape of retail and elevate the experience of shopping”.

 Sayre has a passion for cultivating the beautiful moments in life and is excited to create them with the community through her shop in historic downtown Vero Beach. When not working, she pursues her love of rescuing dogs and enjoys spending time with her beloved daughter, Pia, and husband, Jordan, and traveling with them as much as possible. Her ultimate favorite pastime is to throw a fabulous party and she believes that there is truly an art and a delicate balance between throwing a good one, and actually enjoying it and being able to attend it yourself.  Her passions for travel, creating wonderful memories, entertaining and bringing new people together contribute to the landscape of her shop.  When not working, you can find her laughing way too loud, and for way too long at a joke that probably wasn't that funny to begin with.  Her love for laughing and finding the joy in the most mundane lends her to be the perfect cocktail party guest.  Her idea of a perfect day is to have everyone she loves at a nice, long, wet brunch, preferably outside with an exquisite backdrop. She can’t wait for you to explore with her through Market.

Joseph Arnold 
General Manager 
MARKET has gained a jewel in her crown! You will fall in love with him as much and as quickly as we did!!! Joseph was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and moved to Vero Beach almost 10 years ago with his husband, Ryan. He has over 15 years of retail management experience including work and training with Tommy Bahama, Brooks Brothers, and more. He was the General Manager of Brooks Brothers, Vero Beach, for many years before the store closed due to this ongoing Global Pandemic. In his downtime Joseph loves to spend time with his extended family that includes nephews, a niece, and several car seats. He mostly enjoys spending time with his family, gourmet cooking, great bottles of wine, and keeping a highly organized household. He has a passion for shoes and sunglasses and his fave place to travel is Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
Fave quote? 
            “I love you more than my luggage”.   
Kathy Oglethorpe

Sales Associate

Kathy is a Vero Beach native, and to know her, is to love her. Her infectious laugh and gift for connecting with people is part of the magic that she brings to MARKET. When not making people laugh and helping them find the perfect gift on the sales floor, she can be found with friends and family around town or jetsetting to Vail. 
Fave quote- "Put it on the Underhill tab..."
MARKET in Vero Beach
Natalie Velde
Interior Design + Executive Assistant
Natalie is a Vero Beach native, and proudly from a family that has a well-known landscape business. Working for the family business has helped to shape her into a hard worker, full of determination, class and grit. Currently enrolled at college and studying for interior design, she is extremely excited to join both brands of Sayre + Co. Design, and the wonderful girls at MARKET, and is excited to create and develop new relationships. Her passions are for designing and decorating, as well as spending time with family and friends. 
When not at work, you can find her spending quality time with her family and soaking up the sun, and what a perfect town for both. 
Sales Associate 
Lily is Vero raised and attending Auburn University to study biology. On the weekends, you can find Lily out on a boat or at the beach with family and friends soaking up the sun.
Fave quote?
"She believed she could, so she did."
Shop Assistant
Resident Circus Monkey
Barb is our shop-resident circus monkey that hangs out behind the scenes wreaking havoc on the team and day-to-day operations and logistics. She is notorious for causing stress and strife often, and always unneccesarily. In addition to creating chaos on the daily, even after logistics have been meticulously planned, she is in charge of our returns and operations. Known to cause trouble and extensive delays, her true delight is steering the ship of chaos at an unsafe speed. 
You can often find her shaking her finger in Sayre and Joseph's face, not returning emails, deleting voicemails without listening, blowing out light bulbs, making huge messes and leaving them, causing shipping delays and creating internet issues. 
Favorite quote:
"So what? DEAL WITH IT"